Sobre Mi
Sobre Mi
I was born in Mexico City in 1969. Taxidermista from Northwestern School of Taxidermy in Omaha Nebraska from very small esstoy been linked to nature, first by family hunting hobby which I dissociate at 15 years old, changing this by taxidermy where I found a world in which I focused to preserve for future generations all those animals victims of sport hunting. photography comes into my life from an early age by a very close relative who is engaged in those years to make photographic reporting for certain print media as the magazine GEO.
My passion for nature is enhanced by living near one of the first national parks that were in Mexico "El Chico National Park," the Swiss call America.
During these years he spends photography coqueteandome, until finally with the digital age and reach my hands the first SLR, a Canon EOS Rebel XT 350 which is the trigger for getting further go in this world, learning and changing this simple equipment by a much more professional, which leads to become the early twenty-first century of the Staff of the Ecological Group Antares AC based in Loreto, Baja California Sur, of which I am a photographer.
In 2014 I am invited to participate with a photographic exhibition with Pronatura Veracruz as part of the Festival of World Day of birds in Migratory Bird Observatory "Dr. Mario A. Ramos "in Chichichicaxtle, Veracruz. In 2015 starts the year with the simultaneous participation in three exhibitions, the first "Journey of the Raptors" in the Bicentennial Mexiquense Cultural Center in Texcoco, the second in a photo exhibition commemorating the day the biologist from the University Autonoma Metropolitana, Xochimilco Campus and the Natural History Museum Alfredo Dugés of the University of Guanajuato.
In 2015 I joined as a partner in the journal Environmental Chronicle
Invited to participate in a round table and my work garnish the Monarch Butterfly and Pollinator Festival 2016 in San Antonio TX
With this background it is easy to see that for me photography is an exceptional means to promote environmental conservation, creating awareness in the population through my photographic work.

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